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Janette Heffernan

Why should I bother to learn how to film and edit movies?

Today is the world of the moving image! A picture may be worth a thousand words but
a moving image is priceless! People trust what they see. A moving image is easy to understand.
This gives the presenter a tremendous advantage.

In business the ability to put a short promotional movie together quickly, which can be shown
on a laptop to a client, means you have a major selling tool that once was only available to the
major corporations. A moving promo takes the pressure off presenting. You can show your
product in two minutes and go from there. You only have a few minutes to present your product
and you do not want to waste them.

A 'live' curriculum vitae can also be made and is an excellent accompaniment to a written CV.
You can also make 15 second promos to attach to emails.

The ability to be able to edit your movies makes them and you become a social success.
Unedited home movies and YouTube items are almost unwatchable and are usually
avoided! A couple of hours arranging and editing one's holiday videos will give years of
pleasure. You will never watch the unedited version again. Believe me on this one!

Forty four minutes spent watching DIY TV Learn TV Production in 44 Minutes will
more than pay the investment. It will show you how easy it is. It is cheap at the price!

Sadly in 2011for new comers to DIYTV home production it is not as easy as it was in 2006 when I made this video.

iMovie has changed to iMovie 11 and is not so user friendly as it used to be. In fact I think it
would be almost impossible to make the programmes I have in the past using this editing application.
That said the actual information as to how to make a programme is all good and in fact although I have looked
on the web I have not found similar information elsewhere. As yet I have no advise on which editing programme to use.

I use Final Cut Pro 7 because Final Cut Pro X, the latest version, is based on iMovie 11 and does not
allow exporting to make a DVD. It will hopefully soon but until them I must use FCP 7. These professional
applications are tough for the beginner. In fact the TV world has made it far more difficult for the beginner
to enter this area than before.

I have my own YouTube DIYTVMovies Channel where you can see how far I have progressed in my own
editing skills. I am learning Motion which is said to be the most challenging application going! I put
my latest tests for interest. My new Sony HD camera has been a big learning curve. I still find tape easier
to use but time has moved on and me with it! Tip buy a tape deck if you have a library of mini DV tapes and
wish to use them.

When the editing situation becomes clearer I shall update my DVD to include the easiest video editing but
other than that the content is still relevant. Nothing in the production side has altered.

Is it possible to market my home made TV program to the world?

Yes.Createspace - DVD on Demand, which is part of Amazon.com offers an excellent
service for independent TV producers. It costs very little and cuts out publishers and
distributors and you keep control of your product.

Where can I get more information if I get into technical difficulties?

Most basic edit programs have on-line forums. iMovie Discussions is an excellent forum.
Anything you want to know an expert will soon tell you!

Lynda.com is an excellent site for technical on line training for editing applications but as yet
does not cover the creative side ie how to make the content.


At US $34.95 DIYTV is cheap at the price!

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Buy now from CreateSpace.com or amazon.com


Library Licence available from Createspace.com
for school and institutional use.

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