DIYTV - Learn tv/movie production in 44 minutes


DIYTV - LEARN TV PRODUCTION IN 44 MINUTES DVD is perfect place to start
for the beginner who has to grasp the essentials of TV production quickly and easily.

Have you ever wanted to make your own professional,sale-able TV program or movie or
TV AD or even high rating YouTubes? Now with a basic DV camcorder and a standard
video editing program, like iMovie 6.03, you can!

It is so easy once the basics are learnt that anyone who can write an email can make
professional quality movies. The sky is the limit!

The ability to manipulate moving pictures is a priceless asset. Business promos, live CV's
and TV advertisements once cost thousands of dollars to make and were only available
to the largest companies. Once you know how to film and edit in the office or at home this
is available to you and your business. A two minute video promo shown on a lap top
saves hours of presentation. 'Watch this!' Breaks the ice and saves hours!



The basics of TV production are easy to learn... it takes just 44 minutes! DIY TV Learn
TV Production in 44 Minutes
is a perfect introduction to film making and will give
you the confidence to get started and have a go at doing it yourself.

At US $34.95 DIYTV is cheap at the price!

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