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Janette Heffernan

My name is Janette Heffernan and I am and always have been passionate about
TV production and I want to share my passion with you. A quick glance at the YouTube
above and you will know all about me. That is the power of a moving image.

I have found it is much easier to learn from watching an expert than reading a book.
When you see someone doing it, it is so simple! It saves hours of frustration.

I had to learn the hard way by producing my own children's TV series 'Dance Tales', in
New Zealand which was shown on BBC. I was not allowed to direct. The experience was
humiliating as I was treated with distain by every technician in sight.

TV production courses came available and I learnt that everything I needed to know could be
taught in roughly 30 minutes. That is all the knowledge one needs for a basic documentary or
'Dance Tales Story Ballets'.'Dance Tales' went on to be a finalist in the LA Monitor awards for
Best Edited Program. The point being that TV production is easy, so easy that one hardly needs
any training, in my case I had none at all, just a vision of what I wanted and the persistence
to get the project done and a basic knowledge that was given to me in five minutes when the
crew realised I did not know the jargon!

By watching DIY TV Learn TV Production in 44 Minutes you can learn all you need to
know to start making your own movies,TV programs , video CV's, short TV adverts, promos,
YouTubes or what you will for business or pleasure. The rules are the same from fiming
ballet to sport. Motor racing follows the same basics as dance. The talent moves fast!

No frustrating 'help' button, no expensive manuals, just watch and learn! A few minutes
watching what to do and you will have the 'hang of it' and the basic knowledge to get
going to make watchable movies. The rest is up to you!

At US $34.95 DIYTV is cheap at the price!

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