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Editing tips/director's commentaries
Janette Heffernan

A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is priceless! The above director's
commentary shows how simple YouTube videos are made.

YouTube has revolutionized the world of communication. Now anyone who has a basic
camcorder and a basic edit programme can compete with the media as never before... if
you know how to use the technology!

'My Secret Garden' is a short series of YouTube Videos with director's commentaries
where Janette Heffernan demonstrates how she filmed and edited each item. The first
YouTube shows the completed version and the second how it was achieved.

The' Introduction' shows how to make a slideshow movie and the second 'Autumn'
demonstrates and held camera techniques.

In paper repair the unfortunate use of the inside camera mike is demonstrated!

YouTube is not perfect. Sometimes one's work can look jerky due to broadband and
compression speeds. Fast movement and quick disolves were not appreciated by YouTube
but have improved recently. Movies on tape or DVD look perfect.


My Secret Garden - Autumn
My Secret Garden -Autumn Director's Commentary

Paper Repair Original
Paper Repair- Director's Commentary - Sound

At US $34.95 DIYTV is cheap at the price!

janette heffernan

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